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Produced by Scott Colburn and How Things Work, with engineering by:

Patrick Brockwell
Eddie Cervantes
Isaac McDonald
William Pickard III
Jonathan Raduazzo
Brooke Vlahos

Meteor is a group of demos by How Things Work. HTW plans to develop these and other songs into a more formidable release in the future.


Meteor was recorded at Satlab 6 in Seattle WA on Sept 20th, 2016. Final vocals were recorded on Oct 3rd, 2016.


Lauren Hepburn- Baritone Sax

Chris Martin- Drums

Crow Nishimura- Voice, backing vocals

Tom Yoder- Trombone

Rebecca Young- Bass


Recorded by Robb Kunz with the help of Joshua Kohl.

Mixed and Mastered by Robb Kunz.

Artwork and design by Marisa Vitiello



Gather the parts, put it together, throw the switch. That’s how it’s done.


How Things Work was stitched together and the switch was thrown for the first time in Oakland, California, in 2005. After attempts which destroyed both the Oakland and Berkeley laboratories, the surviving parts were brought to Seattle, where they formed the core of what finally got off the table in 2013. In 2016 we are reanimating the monster with brand new parts.

How Things Work is:


Lauren Hepburn, Baritone Saxophone

Lauren maintains an eclectic and busy schedule as a musician and teacher. She teaches middle school orchestra and choir by day and plays saxophone and clarinet in and around the Seattle area by night. You can find her playing with the Washington Wind Symphony, Northwest Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Rock orchestra and SRO Street Band, Grace Love and the True Loves, and How Things Work.


Chris Martin, Drums

Chris has been studying drums since the age of 8. His sharp instincts and natural feel for groove have fostered a distinct style on the kit that lives in the pocket. Having been a fixture on the Seattle music scene for the last 15 years, he has performed with a variety of musicians and bands such as Leif Totusek, Rai, PK & What Army, Altered States of Funk & Mother’s Milk. You can now see him perform regularly with his two main projects Swindler and How Things Work.


Crow Nishimura, Vocals

The newest member of How Things Work. Crow is a performer/vocalist who codirects the multi-arts group Degenerate Art Ensemble. She is always searching to discover how art can create deeper connections and awakenings. Recent highlights include a major retrospective of her work at the Frye Art Museum (2011), a commission by director Robert Wilson (2012), collaboration with Kronos Quartet (2013), and a performance for Anna Halprin in the inkboat project 95 Rituals (2015). Her latest work Predator Songstress premiered at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco last year.


Rebecca Young, Bass Guitar

Her pre-school report card says, “Rebecca comes alive during music and enthusiastically claps out rhythms and sings with great gusto.” This led to piano studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music and playing flute in the HS band in her native Toronto. But Rebecca kept singing the bass lines to songs rather than the melody and has been down in the low end for several decades now. She has played all styles of music in many cities around the world and enjoys every note she plays.  You can find her teaching students in Seattle schools and in her home studio and you can hear her with HTW, Betsy Olson, Jesse Sykes, The Jelly Rollers, Ian Moore, Rafe Pearlman and others.


Tom Yoder, Trombone

After "classical" training, a decade long affair with Jazz, and a degree in music, Tom Yoder threw it all away to concentrate on what had seized him to play Trombone when he was ten years old: The ability to make that particular sound, very very loud. This approach has found favor, or at least utility, with How Things Work, Eskimo, Orchestra Nostalgico, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Sonora Flor de Cana, Tom Waits, Dan Plonsey, and others.



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